Which SO mission is the best for farming Knights?

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There's one chapter in Episode 4 that I seem to remember having lots of Jackals. Can't help you any more than that. Although...


Holy crap. I was going to suggest 7-3 for Jackals, but saw your spreadsheet and wanted to see. I knew it had a lot, but no idea it had the most at 60+. 59 Jackal Rangers alone. Sheesh.

That's not updated for Episode 7, I believe.

EDIT: Turns out it is updated. Well whodathunk.

Yeah, it was a really good resource. Thanks for sharing it. 7-3 really has 60+ Jackals. That's ridiculous.

But yeah, thanks.
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I just played SO for the first time tonight. It's amazing! There were a lot of Jackels on chapter 2 of episode one. Sniper something.
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Play the 3rd or 4th chapter of episode 1.

you're welcome.
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