Frags are much better than plasma nades.

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User Info: ShadowMaster684

4 years ago#21
I would never rely on my teammates to do anything actually useful, and again, I prefer the quick and actually reliable method of eliminating vehicle targets. I don't see why you're being so argumentative about it when the situation is clear as day. You're borderline-trolling at this point.

On a side-note: PP doesn't really do that much to vehicles when the user has Wheelman (which a LOT of them do, now, especially ghost users), so it's nice to have a reliable backup plan.

User Info: koichi

4 years ago#22
I dont know. I do feel Plasma grenades limit you're killing ability a bit, but I think Im rather good with them with dmr at 597 kills and plasma grenades at 401 kills. then melee at 365 and still have a +1 kd ratio(admittedly not good but hey positive and plasma?)
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User Info: TorqueFork

4 years ago#23
Yeah I use plasma grenades because I play BTIS. I don't rely on grenades but a plasma will give you more time to move in, flank, find cover. Plasmas always go where I want them. Since sprint is available to everyone, avoiding any grenade isn't too hard unless you're stuck. I've seen it a million times. I may not have a lot of grenade kills but I have a ton with the DMR because of them. Plasmas are just an all around great tool.
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  3. Frags are much better than plasma nades.

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