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User Info: H3YGUYS34

4 years ago#1
Do you think is the best a lot of people have different opinion on all the halo games.

Put it in this format.

Greatest to least

Halo 4, Halo Reach,Halo 3(only ones i played :() )

What made it great

Halo 4: MP and emotional campaign

Halo Reach: Awesome campaign with good armor abilities on firefight.(took me a while to figure out you couldn't beat lone wolf l_l)

Halo 3: Never played halo 3's fabled awesome MP but liked 6 of all the missions in campaign. Best mission: The mission with the scarab.
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User Info: SunDevil77

4 years ago#2
Halo CE>Halo 2 = Halo Wars>Halo 4>Halo 3>ODST>Reach
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User Info: BigCatFive

4 years ago#3
Campaign: CE> ODST> Reach> 4> Wars>3> 2

MP: CE> 2> 3> Wars> 4> Reach

User Info: RAGEface14

4 years ago#4
Halo 2>Halo CE> Halo 3>Halo Reach=Halo 4>Halo ODST>Halo Wars
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User Info: JackieMoon33

4 years ago#5
Campaign - 3>CE>ODST>4>Reach>2
Multiplayer - Reach>3>2>ODST>CE>4

User Info: SeahorseCpt89

4 years ago#6
Campaign: ODST > CE > 4 > 3 > Reach > 2

Multiplayer: 4 > CE > 3 > 2 > Reach
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User Info: Kazuma_Yagami

4 years ago#7
Campaign - reach>2>4>3
Multiplayer - 4>reach>3>2

User Info: phillyeagles123

4 years ago#8

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