What's your favourite gun in the Halo sagas?

#1MrMojoRisin357Posted 2/2/2013 5:20:12 PM
Gotta go with the DMR, I mostly base this choice for campaign mode. The Needler is another classic, but alas I prefer human guns to Aliens.
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#2Phoenixmon2Posted 2/2/2013 5:21:26 PM
The good ole AR has always been my favorite, whether its the stupid 60 round MA5b in CE or the beast in Halo 4
#3elitewarrior500Posted 2/2/2013 5:22:38 PM
Battle Rifle
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#4X250Posted 2/2/2013 5:24:36 PM
Plasma Rifle. Excuse me while I go cry in a corner.
#5MrFish86Posted 2/2/2013 5:25:53 PM
Halo Reach's Grenade Launcher is my favorite weapon out of any halo game. I wish it was in Halo 4 instead of the sticky detonator... I miss the grenade launcher! :'(
#6KamikazeCactuarPosted 2/2/2013 5:28:44 PM
The Railgun from Halo 4.
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#7tonxin1stPosted 2/2/2013 5:35:39 PM
Halo ce Magnum for me. Most versitIle gun ever!
#8shinigamiefaPosted 2/2/2013 5:39:22 PM
The Carbine, my precision weapon of choice since Halo 2.
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#9MrMojoRisin357(Topic Creator)Posted 2/2/2013 5:42:25 PM
The HaloCE Magnum doesn't count as a gun;)
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#10YellowPurplePosted 2/2/2013 5:45:39 PM
Needle Rifle from reach and the original plasma rifle. Also the BR