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User Info: supermoc10

4 years ago#1
RANKED (7 Playlists)

Infinity Slayer (4v4) (Haven,Adrift,Abandon,Solace,Dispatch,DLC/Forge maps)

Team Snipers (4v4) (Longbow,Complex,Solace,Ragnarok,Exile,Vortex,Meltdown,Harvest,Wreckage,Shatter,DLC/Forge maps)
-Team Snipers (Main Gametype)
-Shotty Snipers

Team SWAT (4v4) (Haven,Adrift,Abandon,Solace,Dispatch,Harvest,Complex,DLC/Forge maps)
-Team SWAT (Main Gametype)
-SWAT Magnums

Team Objective (4v4) (Haven,Adrift,Abandon,Solace,Complex,Dispatch,DLC/Forge maps)
-Extraction 1 Plot
-Single Flag
-One Bomb
-Neutral Bomb
-King of The Hill

Lone Wolves (6 FFA) (Haven,Adrift,Solace,Abandon,Dispatch,DLC/Forge maps)
-Infinity FFA (Main Gametype)
-Oddball FFA

Team Doubles (2v2) (Haven,Abandon,Dispatch,DLC/Forge maps)
-Infinity Doubles (Main Gametype)
-Oddball Doubles
-CTF Doubles
-Neutral Flag Doubles
-KOTH Doubles

Team Throwdown (4v4) (Based on 343's Competitive Playlist)(BR-Magnun only)
-Slayer Pro
-Extraction 1 Plot
-Capture The Flag
-King of The Hill

SOCIAL (5 Playlist, not counting Rotationals)

Social Slayer (4v4) (Haven,Adrift,Abandon,Solace,Dispatch,DLC/Forge maps)
-Infinity Slayer (Main Gametype)
-Team Regicide
-Slayer Variants (Rockets,Shotty Snipers,etc...)

Big Team Battle (8v8) (Longbow,Ragnarok,Exile,Vortex,Meltdown,Wreckage,Shatter,DLC/Forge maps)
-Infinity Slayer (Main Gametype)
-Capture The Flag
-Single Flag
-Neutral Assault
-Multi Bomb Assault

Rumble Pit (6 FFA) (Haven,Adrift,Solace,Abandon,Dispatch,DLC/Forge maps)
-Infinity Slayer (Main GAmetype)
-King of The Hill

Social Skirmish (5v5) (Haven,Adrift,Abandon,Solace,Complex,Dispatch,DLC/Forge maps)
-Extraction 1 Plot
-Capture The Flag
-King of The Hill
-Neutral Assault
-One Bomb

Multi-Team (2v2v2v2) (Haven,Adrift,Solace,Abandon,Dispatch,DLC/Forge maps)
-Infinity Slayer
-Team Swords
-Team Hammers
-Rocket Race

Griffball (4v4)
-Griffball Pro
-Griffball Dash
-Jet-Pack Griffball

Team Classic (4v4) (Rotational Playlist)
-Classic Slayer (Assault Rifle-Magnum)
-Slayer BRs (Battle Rifle-Assault Rifle)

Action Sack (4v4) (Rotational/Weekend Playlist)

Fiesta (6 FFA) (Rotational/Weekend Playlist)

Community Forge Test

Flood (10 Players) (Rotational/Weekend Playlist)
-Alpha Zombies
-Safe Havens
-Hide and Seek

Here's how the Ranked playlists should be (setting-wise):

-Forced respawn timers
-No instant respawn
-Ordnance on re-supply timers
-No Personal Ordnace
-Join-in-progress off
-No split-screen play
-Friendly fire on
-Max party size 4 with big party matching enforced
-No guests allowed
-Killcams limited to game/round ending

Here's how I think Classic should be:

-Everyone spawns with the same weapons (AR-Pistol, Precision Weapons)
-No Armor Abilities
-Everyone has Resupply
-Map Ordnance is limited to the Initial Ordnance but they all have set timers
-Weapons on map (Boltshot,Plasma Pistol,Battle Rifle on small maps,DMR on big maps,Covenant Carbine,Light Rifle,Storm Rifle,Suppressor)
-5 second respawn timer
-Sprint stays since the maps were made with it in mind, wouldn't mind if it was deactivated
-Tell me what I might've forgotten

Please leave your suggestions on how I could improve this.
PSN & Xbox Live: supermoc10
"Mr Zurkon does NOT come in peace"

User Info: BuddyHudsy

4 years ago#2
looks good/will never happen
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