Anyone need any Xbox Live trial codes?

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User Info: rockmanzero2012

4 years ago#1
I have a 14 day and a 2 day trial code sitting around. I almost threw them away while cleaning up and figured I'd offer them here for whoever wants to use them. First come first serve and enjoy the superbowl :).

14 day code: GRK3T F9CKH W94P7 XWWQX 298KF

2 day code: Q8V7C R3M4Y HY4D2 7VGBJ J7XQF
Xbox Live GT: Blasphemy X

User Info: NauticalDisasta

4 years ago#2
And they're gone :(
"Either it'll move me, or it'll move right though me. Fully. Completely." - Gordon Downie
360/Steam= NauticalDisasta

User Info: Jakobs_Fodder

4 years ago#3
The official Sheogorath of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
The right and Righteous hand of Whatnos

User Info: metroidman92

4 years ago#4
Don't suppose anyone else has a 2-day they don't need? My live expired yesterday, and I'd like to play the new SpOps tomorrow.
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  3. Anyone need any Xbox Live trial codes?

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