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#1airsoft246Posted 2/3/2013 6:19:00 PM
I'd like anyone who has helpful insight into tactical advantages of the game to post here if they'd like to, I want to improve my stats and ability.

General advice I need: gun vs. gun situations, good ways to use certain areas of the map, quickest kills, vehicle use in certain areas of the maps (potentially against other vehicles), good teamwork strategies.

Specific questions:
1. I primarily am talented with DMR, BR, SR, and I suppose big guns but those don't take as much skill. Is taking time to practice with other guns to be more skilled with them worth the potential loss in KD and WL ratio?
2. I tend to stick to slayer, BTB, SWAT. What game types are very enjoyable, most helpful to your stats, and/or good to raise your skill level?

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