Invisible on radar with camo...

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From: jakethenoob
Well then smart guy what does?
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I don't know, but I tried it the last time someone posted that in one of these threads asking about this and Stealth doesn't trigger it, so rather than post blatantly false information that I heard through the grapevine I thought I'd let you know it doesn't work from my very own experience. Smart guy.
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I also tried everything i could think of. Including stealth but it didnt work out for me.
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lol i would bet big money that a lot of kids who try to use this glitch are the same kids who whined for years over BXR/doubleshot
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I used the stealth perk with camo and everyone was just walking past me as if they didn't see anything on their radar. They could have also just been some of the worst players ever and don't know the point of the blue dots, dunno.
#15WrathofAchillesPosted 2/6/2013 12:08:27 AM
It's a glitch TC... a very effective one at that. To be honest it seems random when it occurs as some claim you need to the have the wetwork perk to get it to work whereas I've seen people do it who clearly do NOT have that ability, (they show up like any one else does on Promethean Vision). I've also gotten it to work without using the wetwork perk, at least one assumes because I had the enemy acting like I wasn't even there even when I had just killed them or their teammates in the exact same spot. It was just random...

The only way you know the enemy has it is sadly after the fact of if they move a little too much you can see one blue dot appear and disappear on your radar which is better than walking blindly into it.

I personally can't see this as a glitch people know HOW to use since I rarely run into it, (and seriously if you knew how why would you NOT use this), but it's possible some know to increase their chances of duplicating it.
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i just get it to work by standing still but every now and then i move so they can see someone is coming and catch em off guard.
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From: __bale | Posted: 2/5/2013 8:28:03 PM | #013
lol i would bet big money that a lot of kids who try to use this glitch are the same kids who whined for years over BXR/doubleshot

C'mon, Bale, you know most of the whiny, glitch kids of today weren't even old enough to play Halo 2.
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