What are the strategies you use in Team Doubles?

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User Info: Ultima_Wraith

4 years ago#21
Fire high-speed chunks of metal from the end of the gun with the hole in it until either I run out or the opponent lies down to take a nap after falling on their ketchup bottle.
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User Info: rubixcube10

4 years ago#22
Sahduk posted...
I'm a big fan of 'ignore my teammate and run around the map like a boss'. Results vary.

This is hilarious. This happened to me non-stop back in the day. I haven't played DT on H4 yet. My suggestion to this situation is to just follow them and clean stuff up. haha

User Info: Killean_Nuggets

4 years ago#23
From: ViktorMax | #018
Killean_Nuggets posted...
From: ViktorMax | #014
get pro with the railgun.


I heard it is impossible to miss with it on dat UK host :)

Never pull host :(

User Info: Asherlee10

4 years ago#24
Blue_Chevalier posted...
I'm really good at jumping into incoming railgun blasts in order to save teamates.

True hero, right here.
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User Info: Blaze0fGlory

4 years ago#25
Asherlee10 posted...
Thanks guys.

So, I'll aim true and only melee while leaving my teammate behind in a blaze of glory.

I'll report back.

Sounds about right.
Gangsta Walkin
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