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3 years ago#1
didnt get on yesterday come back to this message

HpG Penguins

HpG (hollow point gaming)

is a casual, competitive, and mature gaming community. Halo,cod, and black ops are the main games we play. if you are interested in joining just send me a message

LOLOLOLOLOL i bet they suck also cod and black ops are the same damn thing XD

any witty messages you guys think i should reply to him with :s
GT: Ceph Falco
3 years ago#2
I got the same message, don't be hating. I'm going to join this great competitive clan.
3 years ago#3
They probably meant that they play both the Modern Warfare and Black Ops series of CoD.

What confuses me is the whole "casual and competitive" thing. So, they play to win, but don't really put much effort into it?
Have a shpadoinkle day!
3 years ago#4
If you really want to mess w/ them, bring up Madjester's point. Ask them questions, instead of declining. Ask them his question, actually. See what they say. Might be fun get'em messaging back and forth with ridiculous answers.
3 years ago#5
lol I'd like to bring back The Angry Pirates. We just played to play. Then whenever something funny would happen, we'd get it from the theater and put it on youtube.

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3 years ago#6
Casual and Competitive. Hmm I think they like to mess around in custom games and be the best when serious. I would like to join, but I'm in a 2 men lone wolves team. I've always had a lone wolf attitude since Metroid Hunters.
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3 years ago#7
I am a proud member of ice ninjas in reach goml
Always remember you're unique, just like everyone else.
3 years ago#8
Ask if you can try out for the clan.
GT: Micktory
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