Please help!!! Kicked to main menu after prologue. Can't even start campaign

#11Msheridan1990Posted 2/8/2013 10:39:15 AM
KrayzieBone777 posted...
No your mom bought it for me. It was payment for allowing her ugly self to pleasure me. Thanks ma!!!

lmfao she bought u a used copy bcuz she pleased u but she was not pleased LOL
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That's because her tonsils hurt now. Ramrod that ugly b****. You wouldn't know cuz ur life is games and gamefaqs. Loser haha
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lol on all levels.

Msheridan is suspended now. Too much trolling I guess.
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#14RockeignPosted 2/8/2013 6:47:44 PM
This topic was terrible on quite a few levels.
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