Do you think halo 4's population will rise back up?

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At the end of this month with all of the additions, maybe. February will definitely be a good month for this game.

Why will February be a good month for Halo 4?

1. We just got team doubles, a lot of people are already happy with it.
2. Team snipers is back tomorrow, it will be great if there are small maps.
3. Team objective tomorrow; KOTH returns.
4. Team Throwdown (competitive playlist) on the 18th
5. Map pack near the end of the month, it might have small maps included.
6. TU at the end of the month as well I think.

The map packs suck so bad so far I doubt the other 2 will be any good. Who cares about all those playlists they are adding thats stuff that the game should of had from the start the only reason they realse so late is so that the ppl who get bored of the game come back but let's face halo 4 was a let down and underwhemling piece of crap.
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lmfao tryhard, play the game like it was meant to be played instead of stripping 99% of things away with your throwdown playlist

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