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3 years ago#1
Trying to test out my map, Fayde, for competitive CTF. Anyone who would like to help send me a message/FR at;

I'll be on everyday usually from 2-3pm+ eastern time
3 years ago#2
sure add me gt: yanni oblivion
You can't spam on host with the DMR ~Fhos
3 years ago#3
Will do. Still need a couple more.
3 years ago#4
I'm looking for a tester myself. The last one died, apparently someone laced my beef wellington with cyanide. Crying shame, now I fear for my life every time I even reach for my dessert spoon.
Getting awfully tired of GameFAQs mods removing my posts for being "offensive" when I've done nothing wrong
3 years ago#5
I'm allergic to yeahhh
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