How come I got bored with this game more quickly than Reach?

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I liked halo 3 better than reach, but I stuck with reach for a good time then stopped a while. I returned for anniversary maps, but that was it.

I like the halo 4 jump height and base movement better, but for some reason, I can only play 2 or 3 games, then put my controller down. Why is this?

No one here could tell you why, only you yourself know.

Why do I think the Metal Gear Solid games suck? None of you could answer it so why would I ask on a message board?

You do too!!!

I hate that game as well and also...Final Fantasy.
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You don't like it. Get over yourself, your opinion is not universal.

I hated Reach. I spent more time playing Halo 4 within the first month than I did in my entire Reach career.
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