My friend got suspended from Xbox Live for beating someone at Halo 4

#1Mendoza818Posted 2/11/2013 2:25:37 PM
A couple days ago, my friend got a message from someone over Xbox Live that he was going to get suspended. Then in an hour or so he did get suspended. This someone turned out to be a Halo player we went against in a Dominion match. I watched the match in theater and I noticed my friend killed and "owned" this player quite a bit that might have insinuated anger of the player that led to my friend getting suspended.

The only thing in my friend's profile that could get him suspended is the quote "slack jawed f*****s... sexual tyrannosaurus" from the movie "Predator." However, it is a quote and in context of his bio it wasn't used to offend anyone. Also, why else would this Halo player look at my friend's profile if he was anything but annoyed at him for beating him at a game?

Anyways, my friend got pretty angry and I feel frustrated for him too because he's my main go to guy to play Halo with. What do the rest of you on this board think? Did he deserve the suspension or was it unreasonable? Do you think the motives of the Halo player that suspended him were honest? I personally believe he didn't deserve it and my friend is generally a nice guy when he plays online. Also, if that quote does offend you then I'm sorry.
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He deserved it.

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Completely the profile. Hopefully he learns from his mistake.
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When you say "owned him a bit", do you mean he just killed him a lot or did he teabag or whatever after the kill because that would piss people off and warrant an "avoid player" or even an "unsporting behavior" complaint.

Doing either of those things would let this player see your friend's bio and that quote, which he could also complain about as using bad language on a profile, something Microsoft frown upon even if I personally wouldn't be offended by it if I saw it and I love Predator myself anyway.
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Upload the video and we can see, otherwise yes he deserves it for being a bad player.
#6Mendoza818(Topic Creator)Posted 2/11/2013 2:34:19 PM
When I said "owned" I meant that my friend killed him quite a bit without any intention of personally going after him. The other player actually was teabagging everyone he kills and betrayed his team to get a hold of power weapons.
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Cereal4you posted...
Upload the video and we can see, otherwise yes he deserves it for being a bad player.

This guy....I like him.
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Unfortunately, I no longer have the full video since I never saved it. And since it was a couple days ago the film is probably gone from my history.
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I don't think he deserved it.
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#10Cereal4youPosted 2/11/2013 2:49:28 PM
He totally deserved it, internet laws, guilty until proven innocent