easiest campaign mission for this week's challenges?

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2 years ago#11
anything is feasible when iron is not involved.
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2 years ago#12
ExuNavarinIdara posted...


It's always Shutdown.

I just assumed it was this. Its what made last week's Campaign challenges a breeze.
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2 years ago#13
dont want to sound like a dick but the campaign challenges are a lot easier this time around. granted composer with these 4 skulls is effing hard but far from impossible. i breezed through it without much effort.

the trick is probably the catch skull. plus the only way to kill the elites is to assasinate them and thats easy considering you can trick the AI pretty easily.
just pick up camo from the sword elite after the first section where you have to close the blast doors at the hangars.
2 years ago#14
Yeah I found out last night the gold elites on legendary are sooo aggressive that you can literally run circles around them while you melee them and they wont attack you bc they are soo occupied with chasing you lmao. I did this 3x, the first was to kill enough time for my buddy to respawn then assassinate the elite...he saw me do this then repeated it 5 mins later on another elite so me and another have confirmed this. Albeit this wont work unless the elite is somewhat isolated but every lil bit helps with mythic and thunderstorm on.
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  3. easiest campaign mission for this week's challenges?

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