Booting on this game has to stop

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Am i right.
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WrathofAchilles posted...
I believe the limit is 3 betrayals...once you betray anyone else after that you can be booted

That is too many.

Yesterday the same guy ran over me twice to get the weapon I had.

We ended up losing the match and he went negative by a lot. It was frustrating.
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H3YGUYS34 posted...
Yeah i hate when people wait in the beginning of the mission and you travel really far away and then you die and have to start all the way from the back unless they are moving and stopping then there needs to be a boot.

If it's just one guy that's afk and he's seriously causing a problem by not moving up with the rest of us, i'll grab a vehicle and run him down until he spawns closer to the objective we're going for - on his own or with me pushing him, either way, he's moving with us.

Plus, it's even funnier if they come back 5 mins after the match starts and see me constantly running them down to get them to move up. They get so pissed, but hey, don't afk during the match or stuff like this is gonna happen. :P
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Nice idea i'll try that and what does AFK means i never understood that.
If tomorrow is yesterday and today is tomorrow then tomorrow is today. Gt: G4MECRUSHER101(all caps).
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Away From Keyboard
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Its PC lingo for "Away from Keyboard" but peeps have changed it to AFC for "away from controller"
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From: H3YGUYS34 | #014
what does AFK means i never understood that.

It honestly takes more time to type out your question than to search for the answer.
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Kai101x posted...
Speaking of booting, we should be allowed to boot in Spartan ops. Tired of people trying to sit back to be carried by the other 3 players.


Weird thing about booting is, I've been booted from games and only ever accidentally betrayed someone once for jumping in front of my ghost. Never betrayed anyone else until Grifball came in and in that game, it doesn't matter since there are so many betrayals flying around, it'd be senseless to boot.
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