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User Info: lderivedx

4 years ago#21
Story made sense to me.

The VA was horrendous, though.
"you got hit by a car? lmao nice awareness, no wonder you suck at halo." - sloppy
GT: i derive dx

User Info: SpiduxxudipS

4 years ago#22
Wakka... Was he Canadian... Or Jamaican?
What do I look like, Mr Frank-****-For-Free? No Doe, Hoe? You can't **** with me
Thizz iz what it iz --GT-Spidux

User Info: YellowPurple

4 years ago#23

Dat Majoras mask

User Info: roots1078

4 years ago#24
If he has Jet Force Gemini, play that.
GT: Polycistronic

User Info: jakethenoob

4 years ago#25
SpiduxxudipS posted...
SNES had a lot of solid RP's, it was my main console as a kid, but some of the RP's I loved the most moved onto the PSX. The FF series was solid until 9, and Star Ocean The Second Story (PSX only) remains IMO one of the greatest RPG's of all time.

Are you implying FF8 was good

YellowPurple posted...

Dat Majoras mask

We all know OOT is better
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