what sensitivity does everyone play on?

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User Info: Bigtymer113

4 years ago#41
anybody who uses anything above 5 automatically sucks at halo. no exceptions.

tizoxic was on 8 sens anaheim '11
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User Info: elitewarrior500

4 years ago#42
so as a joke me and my friend put our senitivities to 10 on a team snipers game for lulz.. holy f*** we couldnt land shots on the enemy worth a damn at all. cant see how anyone does good on 10
GT: Ceph Falco

User Info: gamerman555

4 years ago#43
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User Info: SlaveZero40

4 years ago#44
10 is fun when playing with friends. Auto aim is much less a factor.
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  3. what sensitivity does everyone play on?

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