Swat team

#1ChaoticSavageryPosted 2/21/2013 4:28:36 PM
I`m looking for three players who would like to form a swat team, clan, whatever you want to call it. I`m tired of getting two or even three killing sprees, multiple triple kills, tying and taking the lead several times in one game just to have my team lose 600/590 and I`m sure others are too.
I am East Coast and would like to play at those times, for now I can play at any time but that may cause problems later down the line. I`m not looking for the absolute best, or people who will rage for losing a game. I`m simply looking for three other players who are above average, know how to play, and want to win.
If you are interested leave a post here and send me a friends request on xbox live with a message saying you saw my GameFaqs post. my gamertag is ChaoticSavagery. the reason for posting on here is I will take the first three posts to form a team with first. If you are not the first three do not worry, when someone has to go, or even it just is not working out with someone I will invite the next person on the list. This post is not only for myself, but for you as well. feel free to make teams with others that post and just have fun in SWAT together.