Some bk's go to my middle school, I need to prove to them that rank/kd matter

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Lmao middle school
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pcmike2 posted...
They play halo "for fun" in the sense that they like to shoot their way around, die as many times as they want to, and sometimes work together with their teams to win.

they don't realize that having a virtual number next to your GT is all what halo is about. The illusion of personal self accomplishment of beating some random person with a higher rank than yours and convincing yourself that you did something awesome is halo by definition.

Not this "fun" nonsense, competitive will bring back all the real halo fans, all the bks belong in cod, because that's the only other shooter I can compare halo with, even though I probably never played it.

Also, their k/ds are around +1.00. They don't realize a good kd is at least 3.00. How do I open these bk's eyes?

i really dont think you've said bk enough, do you?
i must leave now, to state the blatently obvious in other topics.
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Do you even lift bro?
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bk = Burger King

right? That's what I've been going with.
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lmao roftl so many bads in this thread
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If they like to play for fun. Then they like to play for fun.
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OmALY_03 posted...
bk = Burger King

right? That's what I've been going with.

I friggin love BKs fries. They're so perfectly crisp.

Ya know, unique. McDonalds and Wendy's are good too, but their fries don't go balls out and become their own entity, they just kind of comply with the rest of the french fry world.
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JFKandLBJ posted...
I bet all these "BKs" at your middle school are too busy getting laid to care about their KDs. Lol @ the undeveloped.

Are kids really screwing each other in middle school now? *Sigh* I weep for humanity.

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This topic is better than almost any other on this board. Nice work TC!
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