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User Info: dhewett2

4 years ago#1
add me lets fill lobby and take turns getting the achievements when map packs out
my gt is dhewett

User Info: jakethenoob

4 years ago#2
Game collection:

User Info: dhewett2

4 years ago#3
i boosted all the last map pack achievements with people on here message me if you want to again

User Info: Jkickit

4 years ago#4
Don't you get banned or that?
Deal with it- FF XIII/Skyrim = 100% -- GT: Gears of Wario
Now Playing: Borderlands2/FFXIII-2/PMD Blue Rescue Team

User Info: oldgr3gg09

4 years ago#5
I'd love to get it :)
GT: SlothLuvChunk

User Info: Jaidabecca

4 years ago#6
All of the Majestic achievements I can get on my own but I'd like to get the last Crimson achievement if anyone is down. All I need is the Mantis stomp kills & I'd be willing to help other people with Crimson achievements as well. Normally I wouldn't bother boosting but when I played the Crimson DLC play-list & got in the Mantis I'd somehow always be facing a team that actually worked together & never tried to board me.
RE4, REmake, HALO 1 & 3, & other videos here v

User Info: Asherlee10

4 years ago#7
Testimonials: "I boosted my Halo stats last week and I have 3 dates with 3 different women this week alone!"

"Last night I tried boosting, once I completed my goal I found a $400.00 lottery ticket on the ground!"
"Opinions should be a result of a thought, not a substitute for it."

User Info: dhewett2

4 years ago#8
im on now maps dl'ed

User Info: soccerguy2748

4 years ago#9
I will be on at 5pm pacific.

GT: soccerguy2748

User Info: Blink182tom3

4 years ago#10
add me
FPS Mattmatt

I'll be on tomorrow... Gotta go to work =(
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