Why does halo never take off his helmet?

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3 years ago#11
More important question:
How do I shot web?
3 years ago#12
The same reason Zelda never takes off his green hat or shield.
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3 years ago#13
ThunderCavalier posted...
He's hiding the fact that he's black.

And ginger
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3 years ago#14
Because if he took off his helmet, there would just be.....

..... another helmet underneath!
3 years ago#15
Because Metroid would beat him up if he did.
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3 years ago#16
Hold on a sec.... Who the F@% is Halo?? Been playing since the beginning and can't seem to recall...

(yep, Im a dick)
3 years ago#17
Why do the convenient store have plasma weapons?
3 years ago#18
Dead Space at least took off his helmet.
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3 years ago#19
Doom took off his helmet why no halo to?
3 years ago#20
remember when assassins creed took off hims hood? I wuz lik lol wut. My bRo wuz lik zomg assassins cred took if ihs hood!

Also, Chief used to take off his helmet like you, then he took a judgmental fanbase reaction to the crow's feet.
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  3. Why does halo never take off his helmet?

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