I just ****ing wish there was Lockout, Beav Creek, Midship, Snowbound BR slayer.

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Smokey2186 posted...
Damn, I just realized Halo 3 is on Xbox Live for download under platinum hits. This. Is. Awesome. I'm pretty pumped for tonight. Finally get to have a good Halo experience again. It's just a shame, that I like the physics in Halo 4, and really all they'd have to do is add the old classic Halo maps that define Halo, and give it it's own playlist and bam, there ya go. I only say Snowbound, because I remember that was the demo level when the Halo 3 beta was out years ago. I remember no one liked it, but by the end of Halo 3's life cycle, I ended up NEVER losing on Snowbound and it became one of my all time favorites. I might, on a rare occasion be matched with 1 other hyper insane master precise predator player and we'd have intense battles. Shield doors or not.

It was 10 bucks a couple days ago. Shame you missed that sale.
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I just wish they'd re-release all the Halo 2 maps.
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>snowbound, lockout, and beaver creek
>in the same list as MIDSHIP

wow strafing tryhards, i always stand still so the bullets can hit me. Whenever someone trys to dodge my shots i know they're a virgin LMAO
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Literally said snowbound.

Literally hyped to play a 5 year old game.

Literally wants to play on maps that are 9+ years old.
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Lockout and Beaver Creek were great, Midship, I hated. Much like I hated Gemini.
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Download CE on your computer so u can play the old maps like I did so many years ago. You can't reason with the brainwashed H4 community tc.
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yanksfan4247 posted...
Literally said snowbound.

Literally hyped to play a 5 year old game.

Literally wants to play on maps that are 9+ years old.

Better is better, doesn't matter how old it is.
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I've always found Beaver Creek to be one of the worst Halo MP maps. It's no Blood Gulch.
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snowbound...? :S