Make sure to support your friendly neighborhood turtle this weekend!

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_ANG3LIC_ posted...
Bale you can stop trying so hard...

ok walt jr go cry in ur room lmfao
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alright now you can ride this local gamestop tournament victory momentum into a real event that people care about so you can get dumped on
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blkshdo posted...
People watch that garbage. Sounds just as boring as sitting at home watching a friend play a game. I'm not going to support those people. Get a real job.

Yeah, I'd only watch others play on a stream if I wanna know how to do things I'm stuck with on a level. As you said, it's boring otherwise.

I did that with FF7 back in the day when a friend had it and refused to even speak to me when I took time out to hang out with him, choosing instead to play that game and made me really hate that game because of the hours spent watching him play it.

I subscribed to AllShamNoWow on youtube during his Saints Row The Third play and found his commentary during missions hilarious but when I saw a live stream of him playing Gears Of War 3, I found it absolutely boring. Vowed never to do that again.
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Yo ramilo tec4life?
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astro! TEC4lfye ha
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