C/D: If you "Gandhi Hop" in Halo 4, you're a try hard.

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Pretty much C.

It was useful in Halo 2, but not even remotely in 4. The way the weapons work + auto aim pretty much just means it's another way to go "HURRHURR IM LOSIN THE 1v1."

Perfecting a good strafe/stutterstep will get you a lot farther.
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RAGEface14 posted...
Scooby510 posted...
I want to watch this video so I can call you bad. link pls

Check with bdog or elitewarrior. Basically, it's me failing to be accurate, and bdog failing to be accurate, but he was 1-shot and I had full shields and he beat me because I couldn't aim worth s*** with my sensitivity at 10. I understand though, I'm bad. Saved you some trouble.

sensitivity at 10... see theres your problem
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still do it out of habit from H2/H3 shame it doesnt work well anymore
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elitewarrior500 posted...
still do it out of habit from H2/H3 shame it doesnt work well anymore

This honestly.
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As many have already said, I used to use it in H2, but not in H4.
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I only use it to jump over to hard to reach places
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From: Scooby510 | Posted: 3/7/2013 9:45:26 PM | #027

You win +1 Internet.

And yeah, Rage, sensitivity being high makes things hard. When I played CE on the PC and Console I was at a 10 all the time and I did great, by H3-Reach I was still using an 8-10 and my KD/Win% dropped dramatically from where I was 10 years ago. Bale, the helpful little dick he is (^_^), pointed out that I suck because of my sensitivity so I decided to try it out and, as cocky as he is, he is right. I guess the physics have changed just enough, with the added Aim-Assist and just general movement, that a 10 is more crippling than helpful.

Still though a 10 in CE was god-tier.
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if you dont gandhi hop in h4 youre known as a bk scrandom
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Saikred posted...
Jumping in SWAT can be useful depending on the map and how you use it. I do ok and I'm not averse to jumping about every now and then.

Jumping around corners is pretty important in swat... well it was on reach... H4 aim assist is way too helpful to the awful awful players. Even my gf can get head shots in this game.
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This is one of the dumbest threads I've seen on here in a while
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