do you think halo becoming all serious is a good thing?

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tranceaddict19 posted...
I haven't even finished half of the campaign, at this point honestly it's like "what for?"

Halo 2 amazed me with the campaign now it's just meh.

They should focus on only multiplayer the storyline has long drawn itself out of relevance.

You want story go read a book.

No, just no.

Leave these boards and never come back.

The story/campaign is an integral part of Halo. Removing that, you basically have a shell of a game with no unifying theme to connect to the rest of the franchise.
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This is a flopic.
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From: RAGEface14 | #030
Why are you arguing with derive? Do you expect to win?

I wouldn't necessarily call that arguing. More blindly flailing about in some misguided attempt to regain composure. It's kind of adorable, actually.
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Is this topic a joke? Because if it is, you got me.

Otherwise, get a grip.
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