So I'm getting the game later tonight. Anything I need to be ready for in MP?

#1Dark_Assassin_XPosted 3/10/2013 5:04:22 PM
I'm mostly aware of what's in the multiplayer scene as far as weapons and armor abilities go but I'm wondering what to expect.

Hardlight Shield abuse? Promethean Vision on everyone and their dog? Particular weapons I'm bound to see everywhere? I'm already expecting to see DMRs everywhere, so let's not count that.

What maps am I likely to see most often? Don't include map pack maps. Going to hold off on those till I'm sure I like it like a smart person?

And I'd appreciate it if you'd all hold back on the exaggeration please. Let's be realistic.
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#2Oblivion_HeroPosted 3/10/2013 6:05:31 PM
From my experience:
Camo, Jetpack and Hologram are probably the three armor abilities I see the most. Thruster Pack, Hardlight and Promethean vision are the second most common set.
Auto Sentry and Regen Field I see once in a blue moon.

Frags and Plasmas nades get seen much more often than Pulse. Can't put into perspective which of those two I see more often since I remember the incidences of being stuck by suicide throwers more than generic blast radius kills.

DMR and Assault Rifle are definitely the most common loadout primaries I see. People using BRs, Light Rifles or Carbines, based on what people have said on this board, are usually doing so out of personal preference or because they've already done the DMR commendation and want something else to work on. Boltshot's getting less common from what I've seen.

For Infinity Slayer, I usually end up on Haven (primarily), then Adrift and Solace. Complex hasn't been seeing much love. I don't play big team slayer, but iirc there were one or two maps that get voted for virtually all the time.
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