Do you still kill opponents even though the round is already over?

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User Info: Travarkoth

4 years ago#1
Do you? - Results (310 votes)
66.45% (206 votes)
29.35% (91 votes)
4.19% (13 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Eh, random poll.
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User Info: EDarien

4 years ago#2
I do, most of the time. So I hit yes. I notice a lot of people stop, though, when I'm playing. Not everyone, but definitely enough to notice that's a lot of people.
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User Info: N3xtG3nGam3r

4 years ago#3
Yeah, I do. I like to see if I can get double kills with the dmr while there is no hud on the screen. I'm actually pretty good at it.
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User Info: ArkJJ

4 years ago#4
No. To me it just feels like throwing extra elbows at a guy who's already out
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User Info: Dark_Assassin_X

4 years ago#5
I do, but if there's no one around and I just killed a guy or I happened to land the last kill of the match I'll put more rounds into the guy's corpse.

It's more a heat of the moment kind of thing than it is a "Yeah, **** you and the horse you rode in on." kind of thing. That and if it's annoying when the enemies in campaign do it I don't see it losing any of it's effectiveness in a multiplayer setting.
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User Info: happypor100pre

4 years ago#6
Match aint over till i cant move anymore.
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User Info: BlueRunway05

4 years ago#7
It ain't over till it blacks!
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User Info: Demigod_Elessar

4 years ago#8
If an enemy is still in front of me, or in the area around me (basically within my sights), I will attempt to take him out during the end screen. Usually I manage to do it, because he doesn't react at all. Sometimes they will shoot back or just get on the move.
Gamertag: Demigod Elessar

User Info: Pyronix337

4 years ago#9
If I have a sniper I'll try and no scope people without a reticle, but I'd say most of the time I enact some elaborate form of suicide

User Info: Minjo26

4 years ago#10
Are you kidding me? First instinct for me has always been to go right after my teammates during that period.
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  3. Do you still kill opponents even though the round is already over?

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