aren't you guys bored of this?

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Perfec7__ posted...
BUM>P're one of those kids....Go watch anime or something.
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Perfec7__ posted...
if not, why aren't you?

Go play some fun games.

343 obviously hates halo fans and sucks at making playlists and balancing gameplay

Why aren't you playing TF2, or Metal Gear Rising, or RDR, or tons of games?

343 dousnt hate Halo fans. Even though they failed to make a good Halo game. At least they tried for us. Just because they suck at making playlist doesn't mean you have to hate them. That's just wrong.
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Wow, look at all of these deleted posts!

but really, I'm waiting to see what the new tu will bring to the game as well as btb objective.
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Just got a new 3DS bye halo 4 I'll only be playing reach every so often
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Yea, I'm bored of this game. Even with the editions to the playlists lately, I'd say the fun dies off quicker in this Halo game than any previous one.

Currently playing thru Mega Man 10.
True dat.