Silentium Waypoint Code (20k XP)

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3 years ago#1!glyph-sequences/cee5

the code is at the very top of the page. It only gives 20k XP and a video that's currently not working. Not much, I know, but for those that still have yet to reach SR 130, it's a nice little boost of XP for doing something that takes like 15 seconds.

Also, for those that are not familiar with this stuff, you can enter the code on this website so long as you're logged into your XBL account on Halo Waypoint...
3 years ago#2
Thanks fishy fish
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3 years ago#3
Just got the book, didn't see an actual code inside it, I was a little disappointed. But then again maybe it's in the words or something, haven't actually started reading it yet.
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3 years ago#4
Nevermind, a part of the code appears on the top of some of the chapters.
Yeah I'm a stalker what about it?
3 years ago#5
Sounds too much like Perineum :-(
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3 years ago#6
Just finished listening to the video. This is why i do not read books.
3 years ago#7
Seriously though; has anyone else actually listened through the story?

It was really aweful. There was no point to it, no moral to it, not even a plot or anything. It was entirely uninteresting.

Is this how most Halo novels read like? Wow, it is like the author needs to take a course in prose fiction and literature. Im glad i never read the books.
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