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3 years ago#1
So I went to the Halo 4 panel today at PAX, and they actually said a decent amount of information. Some good things, but definitely a lot of bad. Even though there was about 6 minutes for the Q&A portion of the panel, I still managed to sneak in a couple of questions. Please forgive me if I'm rambling a lot in this post, but I am really tired, and just wanted to get you guys this information as soon as I could. OK! So I'll just List what was revealed/ discussed there. Here we go!

Forge Island:
Forge Island is a large open area with 3 flat islands for forging. 1 large, 1 medium, and 1 small flat island all on one map titled "Forge Island." This map will also have several new forge pieces to play around with, but the pieces look mostly like the Ravine forge pieces. This will be released for FREE on April 11th.

Castle Map Pack:
I played 2/3 of the new maps so far (I tried perdition, and that small green level), and they are AWESOME! They're not small competitive maps, but for being what they are (BTB maps), they are really REALLY good. I still have to try Outcast, but I'll let you guys know about that map tomorrow. That green map plays very well as a medium CTF map. I'm looking forward to these maps to come out for sure. The maps will be released April 8th

Competitive Skill Rank (CSR)
The CSR system will work on a 1-50 type of ranking system, where each individual playlist will have their own separate ranks. No word on how hard it will be to progress through these ranks though.The ranks basically look like a big number with a color behind the numbers. No color, bronze, silver, gold, and FIRE! level 50 is the only rank that has flames behind it. Now here's the crap part.... Periodically all of the ranks will be reset back to 0. You don't get anything special for reaching lvl 50 before a reset... just a reset. They didn't say how long it will be between resets, but just 1 total reset is too much. These ranks will also only be available on the waypoint site. No word was given for when these ranks will be released.

Weapon Balances
Although no SPECIFIC weapon balances were announced, they did go more in depth as to what their system will be able to do. With this new title update patch, 343 will be able to adjust the weapon damage, and firing speed for every weapon AND vehicle. The best part is, they will be able to adjust the weapons and vehicles, and apply these adjustments to specific playlists. So the damage and speed of the battle rifle will not have to be the same in BTB vs Team Throwdown. With this change 343 will also be able to adjust these settings on a weekly basis if necessary, rather than waiting 4 months for a title update to come along. This, along with the rest of the title update will come out in 1-2 weeks

Will we see precision forge make a return?
343 said we will not see this in Halo 4, but it will be considered for Halo 5. So, it's not coming out.

Can we ever Press "X" to pick up the flag?
They said they would consider it, but it's not being introduced into Halo 4 any time soon. Not a definite no, but basically still a big NO!

Will De-scoping make it into Halo 4 in a title update?
NO! It sucks, but 343 said it's just not possible to do with their engine. It will NOT ever come out for Halo 4. Sad Face :(

Will we see Race/ Juggernaut/ assault/ any missing gametype?
They sort of gave a non answer saying "We're always looking for suggestions for new game types, so definitely tweet at us, and send us what you got!" That was Kevin Franklin just being deaf and dumb again, and it seemed like he misunderstood the question. Soooo... I'm not sure about this one.

Multi Team
Multi Team will make a return along side the new map pack on April 8th.
3 years ago#2
I will be asking 343 staff more questions at their booth tomorrow, so I'll come back with more info when I can. As for now, I'm gonna shut the hell up, stop rambling, and pass out.
3 years ago#3
Rank resets kinda suck. Idk if halo 3 had rank resets, but halo 2 had 2 rank resets in it's lifetime. As long as the rank resets are spread out like they were in halo 2, I'll be fine with it I guess
Halo 4 Gameplay GT: Jesse I3aker
3 years ago#4
What exactly is de-scoping?
Gamertag: Demigod Elessar
3 years ago#5
Getting de-scoped?

Is this your first halo or something? When you're scoped in with a weapon and get shot, you stay scoped in instead of being brought out of scope like past halo games.
Halo 4 Gameplay GT: Jesse I3aker
(message deleted)
3 years ago#7
jesse_skater posted...
Getting de-scoped?

Is this your first halo or something? When you're scoped in with a weapon and get shot, you stay scoped in instead of being brought out of scope like past halo games.

Nah, actually I've been playing since CE back in 2001... I've just NEVER ever heard of that term until now. Sorry.
Gamertag: Demigod Elessar
3 years ago#8
So not only is CSR being introduced (which isn't a make or break at all like some idiots claim and which I wasn't looking forward to anyway), ranks get reset sometimes too?

Just the introduction of CSR was enough to make me consider not playing any more but the rank reset think is the only other negative 343 are bringing to this game other than CSR.

Good thing I have a backlog of 6 year old games to finally play when I have free time to jump on the console. That and Lego City Undercover, such an awesome game and it's not even out here until next week.
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3 years ago#9
They care more about Forge and BTB maps than they do about ANYTHING else, it's sickening
Nothing is overpowered in a single-player game. -gunsndroses
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3 years ago#10
>No de-scoping
>Ranks not in game
>Ranks resetting
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