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You failed us, Gush. You failed us.

waypoint is a scary place, I didn't want to be there long
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wow guys I cant wait for this innovative CSR that you all have been waiting for. Even though they are implementing what halotracker has had for months, I just cant wait to play hardcore good players such as blite in halo 4 matchmaking. I honestly just ordered another pair of Astro A40's, to wear on TOP of my current Astro a40's, so I can have double the awareness. So stoked!

This one feels less inspired. You're slipping.

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I didnt expect an answer tbh

You failed us, Gush. You failed us.

1v1 AGL settings streamed on twitch tv and recorded for youtube with commentary best 3 of 5 you will be point checked previous to the match no DMR due to bullet magnetism no white X looking due to faulty colors
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What is a "Legendary Slayer", with a name as cool sounding like that it must be destined for failure.
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tree's in forge island? TREE'S??? my god... my dreams...

i haven't followed h4 in awhile, are trees completely new for this or was there another map where i could place them?
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What is a "Legendary Slayer", with a name as cool sounding like that it must be destined for failure.

It's probably the equivalent of Super Slayer from Reach. Meaning it will be better in every way than Infinity Slayer but will be empty because of all the bad people that don't want balanced settings.
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How soon will CSR be updated after a game? Immediately after each game or will it take a few minutes?
CSR is based on the previous full game played, so the data from that session is processed, applied to your Halo 4 account and then displayed. You won’t see it update on the fly as you play, but rather between games. So you will basically always be one game ahead of your CSR as you play.

So we can expect a lot of quitters and dashboarders, yay!

I really wish this question wasn't asked.
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