Quitting should immediately give players a 5 minute ban from matchmaking.

#21Suicide_JesterPosted 3/29/2013 5:43:45 PM
I just don't like how the entire enemy team can quit at map select and the game still starts.
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#22Killean_NuggetsPosted 3/29/2013 5:52:28 PM
Cry more baddies.
#23GSPgreasesPosted 3/29/2013 6:15:01 PM
i quit often becuase the team is losing and its clear we wont win and theres 300 points till the game is won. Why stick around when you know your just playing to lose

Now if its not a complete landslide, id try to stick around

Thats why COD is popular, you can make a comeback QUICK or you dont have to wait a long time till the game is won.
#24lderivedxPosted 3/29/2013 7:10:04 PM
From: GSPgreases | #023
300 points till the game is won.

That's 30 kills.
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#25True_ScornPosted 3/29/2013 11:20:18 PM
good heavens...
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#26Dark_Assassin_XPosted 3/30/2013 2:11:31 AM
MrToXiC posted...
Even though I hate quitters. They would never do that. People would stop playing.

Except games like League of Legends does that and you don't see people quitting because of it.
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#27Donuts_R_GoodPosted 3/30/2013 2:22:41 AM
Religious anti-quitters already brought onto us the demon of join-in-progress, quit bans are unnecessary.
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#28Suicide_JesterPosted 3/30/2013 9:45:30 AM
Or instead of punishing quitters give people incentives to not quit like Reach did.
Never let your fear decide your fate.
#29lderivedxPosted 3/30/2013 9:56:08 AM
From: Suicide_Jester | #028
give people incentives to not quit like Reach did.

Because that worked wonderfully, let me tell you...
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#30Type0HeroPosted 3/30/2013 11:49:11 AM
I like BTB a lot but I hate Exile, and being that if it's available it seems to get picked most of the time, I'll just quit out so I don't have to play it. I'll quit before the game starts if possible if I have time to back out as I notice Exile getting voted for.

One day I logged on to play BTB and Exile got picked 9 times in a row. I was backing out to start the search over, and a couple times I had to quit out because it kicked me into an Exile game, BUT NINE TIMES!?!??!?! **** no.