So how often does anyone actually use the spartan laser?

#1MustavusPosted 4/7/2013 9:11:23 AM
It seems like its only real niche is killing vehicles from a vantage point. If you're actually sniping, the DMR's roughly as effective and far easier to use, if you're anywhere near a vehicle you're better off with... well any other explosive, really.

Perhaps more to the point, what motivates someone to pick the SL from an ordinance drop?
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#3BeekBeekDanPosted 4/7/2013 9:24:51 AM
The only time I call in a sl is if there's a bunch of vehicles around. The only time I think it would be effective for killing Spartans is when they arefar away and you know they will just hide after shooting them with a dmr. This way if you keep the laser off them when charging you can kill them before they hide
#4JaidabeccaPosted 4/7/2013 9:27:24 AM
Well, for starters, I use it because it's my favorite weapon in HALO by far.

Second, I use it on infantry if there are no enemy vehicles out.

Third, I use it if I'm not going for any particular weapon Commendation or I didn't get the choice for a weapon I still need the Commendation for(which at this point is only Needler, Fuel Rod, Concussion Rifle, & Beam Rifle).
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#5enterthemadroxPosted 4/7/2013 9:41:21 AM
I barely use them because I know I'll never get a kill with it. I'll either be killed trying to use it or I'll run out of ammo and have to ditch it without making a dent on anyone due to its slow charge and people moving slightly to the left or right just as I fire it.
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#6Spoke_WreckerPosted 4/7/2013 9:48:21 AM
I've actually killed more infantry with it than people in vehicles. It's great for Banshee control or taking out a hog, but nothing is as satisfying as frying someone across the map with it while they jump dodge and try to strafe away from the laser.
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#7darren19822000Posted 4/7/2013 9:51:03 AM
i think in the last week i have gone from 4 lazer kills to being in the 3/5 catagory for commedations. mainly used for BTB on exile
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BTB Exile is the easiest map to pick up almost every single weapon commendation there is. Being populated 90% by idiots and people that don't know how to FPS certainly helps that.
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Not much as Reach for Halo 4. It's really hard to take out non-vehicular players with it.
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It was better when it one shot tanks.