Incredibly Disappointed in DLC

#11enterthemadroxPosted 4/9/2013 2:29:19 PM

I played a Castle DLC game yesterday afternoon, rushed to support a team mate against an enemy. Saw that the enemy had a hardlight shield up so that my team mate couldn't kill him.

I easily managed to run up behind him but when I went for the assassination, I got a beat down instead and was pretty disappointed knowing that unless I boosted (which I only do for dead games or impossible MP achievements), I'd never have the chance to get that series of events happening again.
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The new maps are sweet, play good and look great. Sure some of the game types suck on certain maps but thats just the random selection for the castle playlist...
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I refuse to take your initial argument into consideration since you are pissed about achievements
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GollyFluff posted...
just boost the assassination and be happy you don't have to get a 2 for 1 with the laser

That achievement was a complete mare in Halo 3 :(

I was trying for it for like 3 weeks, then I got it twice in one game lol.
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lol achievments

lol halo 4
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BuyersRemorse55 posted...
lol achievments

lol halo 4

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