Interactive Guide to Halo's Story *Spoilers* *Long*

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(?)- During the Battle of Reach, the Covenant move on to glass nearby colonies. One of these, Beta Gabriel, was the unknowing home of Dasc, a leader in a religious movement known as the Triad. Dasc is captured and sent to a Jiralhanae camp, where he meets an ONI operative named Connor Brien. Together, they manage to distract the Jiralhanae and escape. Dasc, wishing to remain hidden to protect his mystique, kills Brien in order to keep his location unknown.

(?)- Spartan II Black Team is sent to Verge in order to cut off a Covenant supply line. Black Team succeeds, unknowingly liberating a Yanme'e penal colony in the process.

(?)- An ODST rookie listens to the story of Gage Yevgenny, a fellow ODST who disobeyed orders of his former comrades to save a group of children during a Covenant attack. The Rookie becomes the sole survivor of the Covenant attack on Cygnus.

(?)- Spartan II Black Team is sent to block a Covenant supply route in Sub-sector 35. Their ship, along with a Covenant Assault Carrier, is shot down in slipspace and crash land on a Forerunner Line Installation. On the Line Installation, Forerunner Gatherers, under the Monitor 686 Ebullient Prism, capture Black 1 and Sangheili Major Reff 'Talamee, forcing the Covenant and Spartans to forge an uneasy alliance. Ebullient Prism takes over the helmet displays of Black 2 and Black 4, making them unable to distinguish allies from enemies. Black 1 and Reff are able to escape and discover the weapon that shot their ships down, as well as a Covenant fleet searching around the area. Black 3 and Thon 'Talamee, Reff's brother and Shipmaster, subdue Black 4 and meet with Black 1 and Reff at the weapon. Once there, Reff declares his intentions to reform the Covenant under his dominion using this weapon, and kills his brother before Ebullient Prism and his Sentinels return to kill Reff. With 2 and 4 no longer influenced by Ebullient Prism, they join 1 and 3 and destroy Ebullient Prism, and then use the weapon to take out the Covenant fleet.

*** September 7- The Ascendant Justice/Gettysburg arrives at Epsilon Secondus and meets with the rebels under Governor Jiles. Dr. Halsey sedates Kelly-087 and absconds with her on Governor Jiles' personal ship. Before she goes, she gives the Forerunner crystal to Corporal Locklear to destroy it, killing himself in the process. Paradoxically at the same time, Dr. Halsey and the Spartans on Reach discover Forerunner ruins within the mines. They also stumble on a Forerunner crystal.

*** September 13- The Ascendant Justice/Gettysburg attacks the Covenant's massive fleet intended for Earth in a decisive First Strike. Ascendant Justice, with Vice Admiral Whitcomb and Lieutenant Haversion on board, is lost in the battle, but 488 Covenant ships and the Unyielding Heirophant (a massive space station) are destroyed. On the Gettysburg, John-117, Fred-104, Will-043, Linda-058, and Sergeant Johnson return to Earth to warn about the impending Covenant invasion.

(?)- The Fleet of Particular Justice, under the Supreme Commander Thel 'Vadamee, arrives at Alpha Halo. Nearly blinded by its majesty, Thel and the Prophet of Stewardship meet on the Seeker of Truth, Thel's ship, to discuss the discovery. Being a religious matter, the Minor San'shyuum issues that he will assume control of this situation.
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September 19- The Pillar Of Autumn arrives at Halo and is intercepted by the Covenant Fleet of Particular Justice. Under the orders of the Minor San'shyuum, the Autumn is not destroyed and is able to crashland onto Alpha Halo. A company of ODSTs led by Major Antonio Silva land on Halo and establish an operational firebase near the Pillar of Autumn's crash site: Alpha Base. Meanwhile, Master Chief and Cortana escape from the Pillar of Autumn and regroup with survivors on Alpha Halo at Alpha Base with the help of "Foehammer", pilot of Pelican Echo 419. Cortana learns that Keyes and a lot of the crew have been captured. With a small group of ODSTs, the Chief raids the Covenant ship Truth and Reconciliation to rescue Keyes and the remaining bridge crew. Captain Keyes and Cortana reveal that the ringworld, called "Halo", has deep religious significance to the Covenant, and that they believe "whoever controls Halo controls the fate of the universe". Meanwhile, Stewardship discovers a Forerunner facility in orbit of Threshold, the gas giant. Against Thel's wishes, Sesa 'Refumee and Loka 'Bandolee are sent to investigate.

September 20- Master Chief and Cortana attack an island that contains the Silent Cartographer, a maproom of Alpha Halo. Discovering the location from the Cartographer, the Chief and Cortana then lead an assault on the Control Room, securing it from Covenant forces. Cortana enters Halo's control systems, marveling the wealth of information before learning a dark secret. Without explanation, Cortana sends the Chief away. Meanwhile, Captain Keyes and a group of marines, including Sergeant Johnson, assault a swamp facility that they believed to be a Covenant weapon cache. They open a sealed door and accidentally release the Flood. Johnson manages to escape and regroup with other survivors (including Haverson, an ONI operative, Locklear, an ODST, and Polaski, the pilot) that manage to escape the ring in a Pelican. Hours later, the Chief goes to the "weapons cache" and discovers the Flood. Fighting his way out of the structure, he meets 343 Guilty Spark, monitor of Alpha Halo, who teleports him to the Library to recover the Index, the key used to activate Halo's weapon system. Meanwhile, Flood forces take over the Covenant ship Infinite Succor. Special Operations Commander Rtas 'Vadumee manages to destroy the ship, losing part of his jaw in the process. Meanwhile, Thel attempts to relieve the Prophet of Stewardship of his authority (physically if necessary) before the situation goes out of hand. However, Thel's threat merely forces Stewardship to relocate to the disabled but loyal Truth and Reconciliation.

September 21- Back at the Control Room, just as the Chief is about to activate Halo, Cortana takes the Index and informs the Chief that Halo does not kill the Flood, but rather their food supply: any sentient life that the Flood would find appetizing. Realizing this, the Chief refuses to activate Halo. Guilty Spark, sensing betrayal, uses his Sentinels to attack the Chief. While Cortana locates Captain Keyes, the Chief damages three phase pulse generators to buy some time in case the Monitor finds an alternate way to activate Halo. Cortana then accesses Halo's teleportation network and brings Chief to the Truth and Reconciliation, where Keyes was last spotted. However, on the now Flood occupied Truth and Reconciliation, Keyes is converted into a Proto-Gravemind. Needing his neural implants to destroy the Autumn and destroy Halo, the Chief punches into his face and digs out the neural implants before being discovered by a Covenant Spec Ops Team. The Chief manages to fight his way to the hanger and escape in a banshee.
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September 22- ODSTs retake the Truth and Reconciliation (capturing Stewardship in the process) and attempt to use it to leave the ring. Lieutenant McKay, worried about possible Flood infection, chooses to destroy the ship. Meanwhile, the Chief arrives at the Pillar of Autumn and brings Cortana to the bridge in order to self-destruct the ship. However, Guilty Spark freezes the self-destruct timer. With no other option, the Chief overloads the engine core, causing a wildcat destabilization. With the destruction of Alpha Halo imminent, Thel orders remaining ships in orbit to take cover behind Threshold. As the Pillar of Autumn blows up, Alpha Halo is destroyed. Chief and Cortana escape onboard a Longsword. The Ascendant Justice and its escorts move from behind the gas giant to investigate Halo's wreckage. Chief and Cortana manage to rendezvous with Johnson's group and capture the ship. A set of cryo-tubes is recovered as well, one of which contains Linda-058, who is later revived. As the other Covenant ships turn to fire, the Ascendant Justice jumps out of the system. Elsewhere in the ruins of Alpha Halo, 343 Guilty Spark travels to the Research Facility within the gas giant Threshold and meets up with Sesa 'Refumee, informing him of Halo's true purpose.

September 23- Due to a time-dilation anomaly, the Ascendant Justice jumps to Reach, where Chief rejoins with the other Spartans, Dr. Halsey, and Vice Admiral Whitcomb. They also discover that the Forerunner crystal is what the Covenant were after. Meanwhile, Cortana joins the damaged Ascendant Justice to a damaged human ship Gettysburg to form a more capable hybrid ship, pick up the group, and jump away. Cortana also learns that the Covenant is planning to send a large group of ships to Earth's coordinates. The Forerunner crystal causes an odd time anomaly (See *** September 7). Li-008, Anton-044, and Polaski are killed during the escape.

(?)- UNSC Mona Lisa, a prison ship located outside of the remains of Alpha Halo, is taken over by Flood forces after an ONI experiment goes awry. UNSC Red Horse is sent to investigate and summarily destroys the ship.

(?)- High Charity arrives at the ruins of Alpha Halo. Thel 'Vadamee is tried for heresy for letting Halo be destroyed. He is branded with the mark of shame by Tartarus. The Prophet of Regret, with only 15 ships left from the Unyielding Heirophant, decides to go after Earth, anyway (renaming it as the Fleet of Sacred Consecration). Unknown to Regret, Truth has dispatched his own agents, Jiralhanae, in with Regret's group.

(?)- The Forerunner artifact on board the Apocalypso is activated, creating a time hole thing and knocking out communications around Sol for 7 seconds. Melissa is fragmented by the explosion and part of her is sent back in time (see 2004). Another part of Melissa lands on the personal computer of Jersey Morelli and is nicknamed Durga. Jersey sends Durga to collect information on Jan James, a girl that lives in the same building (and daughter of two Spartan I soldiers). Independently, Durga begins spying on Colonel Herzog (who is getting on ONI's nerves for asking questions about the Apocalypso) and Rani Sobeck (a gifted and young ONI employee).

(?)- Herzog meets up with Rani and reveals to him that ONI is in possession of an artifact that crashed the Apocalypso. He also tells him that it's hidden in Chawla Base and he believes that it is counting down to something bad. Shortly afterwards, Herzog is killed in a convenient car accident. Rani attempts to reach the artifact inside Chawla Base, but is caught.
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(?)- Jan James is recruited by Durga and Jersey to help Rani break into Chawla and disable or destroy the artifact. The artifact is turned off, collapsing the time hole thing and re-integrating Durga with the Operator and the Sleeping Princess. Rani is captured by ONI security, but the others manage to escape. Melissa, masquerading as a lawyer, manages to get Rani out of jail. Rani is later noticed and employed by ONI Section Zero.

(?)- Maria-062 tests the MJOLNIR Mark VI armor in Seongnam.

October 19- Dr. Endesha, creator of the Superintendent subroutine VIRGIL (created to make sure his daughter stays out of trouble), discovers an anomaly below the surface of New Mombasa.

October 20- Master Chief, Sergeant Johnson, and Captain Keyes (posthumously) are rewarded for their actions on Cairo Station when Regret's force begins attacking (the remaining Spartans are still being debriefed and subjected to psychological exams). The Master Chief is issued Mark VI MJOLNIR armor. Meanwhile, Melissa tells Jersey that the Seeker's mission was to "reveal the truth" and has already told the location of the artifact to the Covenant. This ominous moment is immediately followed by the arrival of Regret's fleet. Boarders begin to attack the orbital stations to destroy the stations before they can halt the attack. Covenant forces manage to destroy the Athens and Malta Stations, allowing Regret's carrier, the Solemn Penance to slip through. However, the Chief and Cortana stop the Covenant from destroying Cairo Station. The Chief "returns” the Cairo bomb to a second Assault Carrier, and is then picked up by Miranda Keyes on In Amber Clad and sent to the surface. On the ground, a translated recording about “securing access to the Ark” is smuggled out of the city in hopes that it will reach UNSC command. Sadie Endesha, daughter of Dr. Endesha, attempts to reach her father, who is in the Superintendent's Data Hive when the Covenant attack. Two Pelicans are dispatched from In Amber Clad to go to the Carrier and capture the Prophet of Regret. However, a Scarab shows up and shoots both Pelicans down. The Chief and Johnson, on board the first Pelican, are forced to fight through the Mombasa outskirts and into the city. ODSTs under Sergeant Stacker, who were on board the second Pelican, retake Hotel Zanzibar from the Covenant. Master Chief encounters Lieutenant Parisa, who was a childhood friend of his prior to his abduction into the Spartan II program.
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October 20 (continued)- Seven Huragok attempt to flee from the rest of the Covenant to repair the damaged New Mombasa Superintendent AI. While six are killed, one is able to escape and merge with the core of the Superintendent. Dr. Endesha observes this before the corrupt Police Commissioner Kinsler shuts down the Superintendent and kills Dr. Endesha with the Data Hive's fire extinguishing systems (Argon). Convincing Sadie (whom he had previously attempted to abduct and rape) to come to his personal train by threatening her father's life (what she doesn't know won't hurt her), Sadie fights through a crowd of refugees to get on board (and kept off by Kinsler's men). Kinsler sends one of his corrupt cops to the Data Hive to ensure that Dr. Endesha's dead while he finishes his business with Sadie. Sadie is saved when the Superintendent is reactivated and opens the doors of Kinsler's train, letting in an angry mob that overpowers his guards and tears him to pieces. Sadie, along with several civilians, escape the city on the train. Meanwhile, ODSTs under Gunnery Sergeant Buck (who is under Veronica Dare, a spook for ONI), prepare to be dropped to the city in order to assault Regret's ship. However, as the Chief takes out the Scarab and gets dangerously close, Regret orders the Solemn Penance to jump to Delta Halo, forcing In Amber Clad follow quickly. The ODSTs, meanwhile, are scattered by the shockwave caused by the slipspace jump. The Jiralhanae presence on Earth, under orders from Truth, eliminate the remaining Sangheili presence and secure the city for the coming ships. The ODST Rookie is knocked out while the others (sans Dare) regroup, capture a Phantom, and escape the city. However, Buck orders them back into the city to find Dare.

October 21- The Rookie regains consciousness and pieces together the whereabouts of his squad before receiving a distress call from Dare, fighting in sublevel 9 of the Data Hive. Meeting up with Kinsler's cop (who dies on the way), the Rookie meets up with Dare and rescues the rogue Huragok before meeting back up with Buck. The Rookie, Dare, and Buck flee the city on the Coastal Highway as Covenant reinforcements begin moving in, excavating the Ark Portal through plasma bombardment. They regroup with the other ODSTs and escape on the captured Phantom with the Huragok.

(?)- MJOLNIR Mark VI enters service and is given to the remaining Spartans on Earth. A privatized variant of the Mark VI helmet is also produced by the Vestol Corporation. An Orbital variant is produced and tested during the Battle of Earth.

(?)- The remaining Spartan IIs are dispatched across various parts of the globe to stop Covenant search parties. Naturally, since this Bungie we're talking about, there's some action in the Yucatan.

(?)- Thel 'Vadamee is given the chance to regain his honor by becoming an Arbiter. His first task is to silence Sesa 'Refumee, who has been spreading heresy that the Prophets are false and the rings are actually doomsday devices. The Arbiter, joined by Rtas 'Vadumee, kill 'Refumee and his Heretic followers, who are hiding in a Flood Research Facility within the planet Alpha Halo was orbiting. 343 Guilty Spark is captured by Tartarus. Once the mission is over, they are brought back to High Charity as it goes to rendezvous with Regret at Delta Halo.

(?)- An unnamed San'shyuum Minister, under order of the Hierarchs, extracts information about Halo from the captured 343 Guilty Spark (with appropriate humility). The Minister uncovers Halo's true purpose, but keeps quiet.

October 31- Spartan IIIs on Onyx discover newly activated Forerunner Sentinels.

(?)- Spartan III Headhunter team Roland and Jonah successfully halt a Covenant excavation of Forerunner relics on an unknown moon. Both Spartans are killed in the process.
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November 2- Regret's carrier arrives at Delta Halo with In Amber Clad right behind. Discovering Regret is hiding in a temple in the middle of a large lake, the Chief sets out across Delta Halo and takes him out. After Regret is killed, the Covenant Assault Carrier destroys the temple. The Chief is forced to jump off the temple and into the lake, where he is captured by the Gravemind's tentacles. On High Charity, Truth replaces the Honor Guard with Jiralhanae and sends the Arbiter to capture Delta Halo's Index before the humans do. Fighting through the Sentinel Wall, the Arbiter incidentally releases the Flood, which begin to spread across the ring and even assault In Amber Clad. The Arbiter fights through a Quarantine Zone and into the Library, where he incapacitates Johnson and Miranda and claims the Index. Tartarus suddenly enters, seizes the Index and the two humans while pushing the Arbiter down a deep chasm, where he is saved by the Gravemind. On High Charity, the Great Schism, a Covenant civil war, begins. Members of the High Council, Sangheili and San'shyuum, are captured and executed by Jiralhanae.

November 3- Master Chief and the Arbiter wake up and meet the Gravemind. He sends them to stop the Covenant from activating Halo. The Chief is sent to High Charity while the Arbiter is sent to Delta Halo's Control Room. As Master Chief fights through the Covenant city, he is caught up in the beginning of the Great Schism, which is further complicated once the Flood crash In Amber Clad into the city and begin to take it over. The Prophet of Mercy is killed by the Flood as Truth leaves to the Forerunner Dreadnought The Chief follows, leaving Cortana behind. Before leaving, the Chief promises to return for Cortana after Truth is killed. Meanwhile, the Arbiter joins in the civil war between the Jiralhanae and Sangheili that has started up. He also rescues Johnson from death, forming an alliance with him, saving Miranda Keyes and Guilty Spark, and stopping Delta Halo from activating by killing Tartarus. 343 Guilty Spark informs them that the Halo's are now on Standby and can be activated at the Ark. Rtas Vadumee manages to capture a Jiralhanae-controlled cruiser to get Arbiter, Johnson, and Keyes back to Earth. The remaining Sangheili ships either engage the Jiralhanae cruisers or establish a perimeter against Flood controlled ships. Meanwhile, Dr. Halsey and Kelly arrive at Onyx, meeting the Spartan IIIs and discovering that Kurt is still alive. Hailing the other Spartan IIs (All of her active Spartan IIs sans the Chief) to Onyx, they fight against the Sentinels and the arriving Covenant forces. Pushing deeper into the planet, they learn that this is a Forerunner Shield World used as a safe house against the Flood. Kurt sacrifices himself to save the remaining Spartan IIIs, Spartan IIs, and Dr. Halsey as they enter the Shield world, seemingly trapped within a micro-dyson sphere, formally called The Sharpened Shield.

(?)- Sangheili forces near Delta Halo sterilize the surface from orbit to prevent further Flood infection.

(?)- Usze 'Taham, a fleet security officer, is approached by Sangheili Ascetics and encouraged to serve as a laisan to their new human allies. Usze, along with fellow Sangheili N'tho Sroam, will provide valuable intel and assistance for the UNSC in the coming battles.

(?)- The unnamed San'shyuum Minister, feeling responsible for unleashing the Flood and protecting the lies of the Covenant, writes a paper confession of his sins as High Charity is consumed.

(?)- Gravemind begins to interrogate and torture Cortana about information on Earth and her knowledge. Despite everything, she hides one large secret...
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(?)- Cortana sends a message out on a Flood controlled Cruiser. It tells the Chief that the Flood are coming to Earth, but are unaware of the Portal and its “solution to the Flood”. Gravemind lets it go. The Flood controlled ship breaks through the perimeter and heads for Earth, being followed by Rtas 'Vadumee, now the Shipmaster of the Shadow of Intent, along with nine other ships (formally called the Fleet of Retribution).

November 8- Truth's Forerunner Dreadnought, with Master Chief onboard, enters the Solar System, staying back until the portal is completely cleared.

(?)- James Ackerson is captured and tells the Covenant about a “Key of Osanalon” that is in Cleveland and needed for the Halo's to work. This leads Jiralhanae forces to capture the city alive, sparing Ackerson's brother, Ruwan, from a death by glassing. After realizing what the Covenant were after, Ruwan agreed to “deliver it” to the Covenant. Ruwan was taken on board the Harbinger of Piety and introduced to the Minister of Inquisition. Ruwan, in reality, was being used as a tracking vector allowing Nassau Station to destroy the ship. After learning what happened, James Ackerson is beheaded.

(?)- On board an ONI orbital facility, Sergeant Johnson meets up with Dare and the Huragok to find out information about the Portal. Miranda Keyes begins to coordinate ground troops from the Crow's Nest base.

November 17- Master Chief is jettisoned off the Dreadnought and crashes in the Kenyan jungle. An ODST, Private Hartley, is able to use a target designator to determine the Chief's re-entry vector. He is found by Sergeant Johnson and the Arbiter and brought back to the Crow's Nest. As the Chief is briefed on a plan to assault the Forerunner Dreadnought, Covenant forces attack the base. The Chief assists evacuating the base and then arms a bomb to blow it up. Once out of the base, the Chief regroups with other forces in Voi and destroys a Covenant AA Megaturret, allowing a small group of ships to attack the Dreadnought However, the strike has no effect as the Dreadnought activates the Portal, allowing Truth and his fleet access to the Ark. The Flood controlled ship then crashes into Voi. The Chief and Arbiter head towards the ship to destroy it, receiving helpful reinforcements from the arriving Sangheili forces led by Rtas 'Vadumee. The Sangheili also inform the Chief that "Cortana" is on board. The Chief enters the ship and extracts Cortana's message and, with the help of 343 Guilty Spark, plays it. Hearing the warning, Fleet Admiral Hood wishes to bunker down and defend Earth. However, the Chief, Miranda, Johnson, and the Sangheili head through the Portal.

December 11- The Sangheili fleet exits the Portal and engages the Jiralhanae fleet while the Master Chief and some ODSTs are sent down to the Installation to stop Truth. Upon visiting the Ark's Cartographer, the Chief discovers Truth is at the Citadel, where he can activate the rings. He is also protected by a barrier. Three teams are sent to shut down the barrier. Johnson is captured by Brutes while trying to deactivate the third tower, forcing the Chief to do it. After the barrier is down, High Charity emerges from the portal crashes into the Ark, bringing the Flood to the Installation. The Chief and marines assault the Citadel while Miranda goes to save Johnson before he is forced to activate the rings, sacrificing herself in the process. Flood show up to help the Chief and Arbiter to stop the rings from firing and kill Truth. Afterwards, with no threat to its own life, the Gravemind resumes its plan to eat everything and attacks the Chief and Arbiter, forcing them to narrowly escape. While fleeing the Citadel, the Chief and Arbiter discover that the Ark is a forge for Halo rings and is rebuilding Alpha Halo.
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December 11 (continued)- Chief informs Guilty Spark that he's going to activate the ring and, following his promise, rescue Cortana. 343 Guilty Spark goes to set things up and begin making an Index, but the Chief has other plans. The Chief (and eventually the Arbiter) fight through High Charity while remaining Human and Sangheili forces fall back. With Cortana rescued, they blow up High Charity and go towards the unfinished Halo in a Pelican. Crashing near the Control Room, they head up the Ziggurat as the Flood begins to rain from the sky in dispersal pods. With help from Johnson, the Chief and Arbiter secure the Control Room and Johnson begins to activate Halo against Guilty Spark's objections. Seeing no alternatives, Guilty Spark kills Johnson and tries to kill the Chief before he is destroyed by a few well placed shots from the Spartan Laser. The Chief, Arbiter, and Cortana activate Halo and then race towards the Forward Unto Dawn, making it to the Portal just before the ring fires... or at least half of the ship did. The Chief and Cortana, in the back half of the ship, drift around in space. The Arbiter manages to make it back, though, so it's not a total downer. The Chief goes into cryo-sleep, telling Cortana to wake him when he's needed.

2553- January- Evan Phillips, an anthropologist with interest in Sangheili culture, and Serin Osman, ONI operative and protoge to Parangosky, meet up with Avu Med 'Telcam, an orthodox Sangheili who opposes Thel 'Vadam. They discuss plans to help arm an insurgency against Thel in exchange or a ceasefire against the UNSC.

January 26- Parangosky briefs Osman on her new assignment: Join with ODST team Kilo-Five and Spartan II Naomi-010 (equipped in MJOLNIR Mark VII, believed to be the first of the GEN2 MJOLNIR armor) and deliver weapons to Sangheili rebels.

January 27- Kilo-Five is briefed by Osman on board a new prototype ship, The Port Stanley, complete with an impressively advanced AI, Blackbox (BB). Osman informs Kilo-Five that she is a washed out Spartan II and goes into detail about the origins of the Spartan II program. She tells them she got the information from Halsey's journal, recovered from Reach. En route to deliver weapons to 'Telcam on the desolate planet of New Llanelli, they find a ship, Ariadne, adrift above the possibly hostile planet of Venezia. They promise to go back after it when they're done, but the Ariadne disappears the next time they pass by Venezia. Meanwhile, on Sangheilios, Relon Keep is attacked by 'Telcam's forces. A trouble Sangheili, Jul 'Mdama, sees 'Telcam as a potential ally against Thel and joins his cause.

February- While observing Sangheilios space, Port Stanley learns that a weapon shipment and a Huragok is being transported to 'Telcam. Seeing the Huragok as a valuable resource, they raid the the ship and blame it on Kig-yar scavengers. Finding their own weapons on the ship, they learn that 'Telcam is sending some weapons to Venezia.

(?)- Jul, suspicious about where 'Telcam is getting his weapons, covertly follows him to New Llantelli, but is captured by Kilo-Five and Naomi-010.

(?)- Halsey, Mendez, and the Onyx survivors, stuck in a pseudo time loop where they don't feel it's been more than a few days, manage to get a distress call out thanks to some help from Huragok workers inside the shield world. Port Stanley is sent to pick them up. Wanting to take Halsey in for treason without trouble, Osman lets Naomi know about what she put her through. The Shield World rematerializes in real space. Codenamed Shield World Trevelyan, it is taken under command of ONI. Dr. Halsey is cuffed and detained. Jul is transferred to an ONI research center in Trevelyan as a prisoner under the care of Dr. Irene Magnusson.
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(?)- Budget approved for the Spartan IV program. The armor of choice, simply called MJOLNIR GEN2, is to be designed by outside contractors with the presumed exception of the Mark VII. In addition to adapting many permutations from MJOLNIR Mark IV- VI, GEN2 armor will eventually come in in Aviator, CIO, Deadeye, Defender, Enforcer, Engineer, Infiltrator, Locus, Oceanic, Pathfinder, Pioneer, Protector, Raider, Ranger, Recruit, Scanner, Soldier, Stalker, Strider, Tracker, Vanguard, Warrior, Warmaster, Wetwork, and Fotus permutations. Many of these will be field-tested in upcoming battles against a returning United Rebel Front.

March 3- Human-Covenant War formally ends. A monument is erected to remember those who died. Lord Hood and Thel formally agree to end hostilities. Elsewhere, Spartan IIs are debriefed and are prepared to be inducted into the Spartan IV program. Parangosky rewards Osman on a job well done by getting BB to show her schematics of a powerful UNSC ship created by the newly discovered Forerunner tech: UNSC Infinity

(?)- Parangosky meets with Halsey on board Ivanoff Station, a research facility orbiting Installation 03. Due to retire, Parangosky is prepared to unveil all details on Halsey's war crimes in creating the Spartan II program before making Osman the head of ONI. Halsey is eventually confined to a job on the UNSC Infinity and then moved elsewhere.

(?)- Port Stanley heads to Venezia to investigate the weapon shipments, finding a hell of a lot of well-armed rebels. They also discover that the leader of the Venezia insurrection is Staffan Sentzke, Naomi-010's father.

(?)- Phillips stays at Sangheilios as a curious scholar (and inside man for ONI). While touring Ontom Temple (covertly looking for any information that might lead to other Halo installations), Phillips receives a note in english advising him to stay off the streets. 'Telcam arrives as the building explodes, 'Telcam exclaiming that this wasn't his attack, but rather the Jiralhanae. Nonetheless, 'Telcam uses this opportunity to begin his assault against Thel.

(?)- Phillips and what's left of his link to BB (a damage fragment wiped of any sensitive info) explore deep into the temple ruins, into places that the Sangheili considered forbidden. He finds some ruins that appear to tell the locations of Shield Worlds and Halo rings, but is unable to decipher them. He unwittingly activates a portal that takes him out of the temple.

(?)- Magnusson treats Jul to contaminated food to test how it affects him, with plans to use it to starve Sanghelios into submission in a worst case scenario. She also agrees to allow him some fresh air under the condition that he wear a bomb vest and stay with an Engineer escort, Prone to Drift.

(?)- Parangosky and Lord Hood take a tour of the UNSC Infinity, meeting Andrew Del Rio (its Captain), Thomas Lasky (Executive Officer), and Aine (its temporary AI).

(?)- Learning about what happened on Sanghelios, Port Stanley is called back to get Phillips out and make sure that the newly started Sangheili civil war is a stalemate.

(?)- Parangosky convinces Lord Hood to bring the Infinity to Sanghelios to help the Port Stanley under the guise of a training exercise... a thursday war. As a preemptive measure, Hood asked Thel to allow Kilo-5 to land to search for Phillips. To keep balance on both sides, Port Stanley gets permission from 'Telcam to go in the temple and extract Phillips.

(?)- Raia, Jul's wife, confronts 'Telcam in hopes of learning what happened to Jul. While 'Telcam is clueless, he agrees to let her join in on the assault in hopes that Jul may be found being held by Thel's forces. They both board 'Telcam's ship, Unflinching Resolve.
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(?)- Kilo-Five lands on Sanghelios and is forced to shoot their way into Ontom Temple. Learning that Thel let humans willingly into the temple turns many more to 'Telcam's cause. Soon, fighting around the temple is too much, forcing Kilo-Five to leave. Meanwhile, Phillips appears 80 km away at a small keep under siege. The keep's current leader, Elar, contacts 'Telcam about Phillips.

(?)- Unflinching Resolve is taken out. 'Telcam, barely phased, rallies his newly found allies to the assault. Osman, listening in, learns that a powerful Covenant ship, Pious Inquisitor has fallen into Kig-yar hands and was supposed to be here for the assault. Osman, learning of Phillips' whereabouts, sends Kilo-Five to extract him, giving a warning to 'Telcam to get out before Thel's allies show up. 'Telcam, not the least bit intimidated, gets the ship Defender of Truth ready to blast Thel into submission.

(?)- Kilo-Five goes to the Infinity to get their pelican retrofitted with some nice new bells and whistles, including a slipspace drive.

(?)- Infinity officially enters the conflict, wrecking the Defender of Truth and most of 'Telcam's forces. Under the guise of a Kig-yar controlled vessel, the Port Stanley covers the retreat of 'Telcam's forces while Kilo-five extracts 'Telcam himself in their pelican, taking him off to the New Llanelli glasslands. Raia, retreating onboard the Cleansing Truth, is killed during the retreat. Lord Hood, suspicious about the mysterious kig-yar vessel, suspects ONI influence. However, Parangosky pacifies him by implying that it was probably the Pious Inquisitor.

(?)- On Trevelyan, Jul stumbles through a portal and ends up in a place that Prone To Drift did not intend him to find. Inquiring about symbols on the wall, Jul learns about a great Forerunner warrior, the Didact, who hates humans and is imprisoned on a mysterious world called Requiem.

(?)- On Port Stanley, BB interfaces with the fragment that was with Phillips to decode the data found in the temple. BB concludes that the portals were originally part of a galactic network, but have malfunctioned over the last 100,000 years.

(?)- On one last free walk, Jul threatens Prone to Drift into activating a portal and getting the bomb vest off of him. The portal takes Jul to the planet Kelekos, where he finds an isolated group of Sangheili who are mystified by his sudden appearance and his knowledge of the Didact. He asks to use their phone and finds out that his wife is dead.

(?)- Back on Infinity, Parangosky learns of Jul's escape and isn't happy, getting to Trevelyan as soon as possible and firing Magnusson. Hugo Barton is left in charge of Trevelyan.

(?)-The Port Stanley arrives back at Venezia... again. They track down Staffan Sentzke, hanging with Sav Fel, Kig-yar pirate and current owner of the Pious Inquisitor. DUN DUN DUN

(?)- Jul is shown another defunct portal, where he recognizes symbols for the Didact, Requiem, and what he believes may be coordinates. The Sangheili colonists, seeing his arrival as a sign, agree to help him find Requiem.

(?)- Inspired by the idea of Requiem and finding a living Forerunner (or at least some sweet Forerunner weapons), a group of Sangheili get the band back together (or at least the Halo 1 players), forming a new Covenant.

2554- Jul and his followers discover Requiem. However, they really don't know what to do with it.

(?)- Oliver Birch, a fetcher who salvages slipspace drives from lost warships, is stranded in space above the glassed planet Biko after a “saddle box”, an experimental military slipspace drive, destroys his ship as he attempts to bring it back to the salvage yards on Cygnus.