will there be more dlc that I can get with the season pass in the future?

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A stylized logo does not dictate how something should appear grammatically. These Royal Gold pretzels I'm eating aren't ROYAL GOLD because they choose to capitalize the words on the bag. Most product names are capitalized, that doesn't mean the name on the packaging is trademarked in capitals.
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RJ-MacReady posted...
Hell no i regret paying for most of the HALO map packs ever released and not because there bad its the fact you dont get to see them enough to warrant a purchase. Unless you want to play specific game types with very few people which means a higher chance of lag. This is definitely the last time i buy maps for a HALO game and yes this is one of the most laggiest HALO games ever.

Ive never played a HALO game where some matches had star trek teleports it was so laggy and it happens more in HALO 4 than any other HALO game ive played.

I'm reading this like you're shouting every time you say "HALO".
"Dad! I'm in space!" "I'm proud of you, son". "Dad, are you space?" "Yes, now we are a family again".