How can i play all the new maps?

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3 years ago#1
I bought the season pass recently and all the DLC packs. Now i can only select the Castle DLC playlist, and i guess the Majestic and Crimson maps are all implemented into the exisiting playlists? I've been playing IS and Big Team and i keep getting the old maps, and i am beyond tired of the old maps. What is this? I didn't buy the season pass only to play old maps again..what is this?
3 years ago#2
all three map packs are intergrated into all playlists, but you have to get matched up with people that also have them.

you can see what maps are in each playlist here:
3 years ago#3
They should have made a playlist that contained all the DLC so far, i'm getting old maps way too many times now.
3 years ago#4
I agree. or at least have a few playlists that require all the DLC, like Halo 3
3 years ago#5
Yeah man. Cause we just had Harvest...then Solace and then Harvest again, that was the only new map we could choose and i don't get that. Why don't they let us choose a another one of the new maps?
3 years ago#6
This is a big disgrace and i feel ripped off. I;m also planning on never falling for this season pass and DLC crap anymore.

I've been playing IS all evening and i've gotten ONE freaking new map once...ONCE! All the other time it's just old maps. I keep getting Abandon, Adrift, Complex and Haven...disgrace!!!
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