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User Info: xGreenthunderx

4 years ago#1
dude giving away 5 stacks of codes every week. i snagged an Arctic skin.

they're in this order
line 1: Warrior Armor Blue (Avatar Gear)
kine 2: Ghost Avatar Prop
line 3: Hazop Armor with Forest Skin
line 4: Arctic Battle Rifle Weapon Skin
line 5: Bulletproof Emblem
line 6: War Games Longbow Premium Theme
line 7: Gungnir Armor with Pulse Skin
line 8: Bonebreaker Emblem

User Info: Doktor_Wilhelm

4 years ago#2
Shame the codes all seem to be gone! :(
"so i'm guessing it's doctor wilhelm vs everyone else then?" - Travisclees

User Info: DXLR8R

4 years ago#3
That's an interesting way to give away codes.
/\/ / /\/_/ /\ G A I D E N II - ||=|| /-\ |_ {{3}} all I need - also known as Skilotonn at TeamXbox
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