C/D Halo 4 is the best competitive multiplayer game on 360 right now

#31SgtGalaxyPosted 4/20/2013 5:53:02 AM
CS Go so D
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Bigtymer113 posted...
D. Shadowrun

Shadow run ftw! A sequel for that game is long overdue
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C, right now yes. Not overall, though.
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Either this or Gears. LOL at stim grenades, a simple frag or gnasher gib killst hem.
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SgtGalaxy posted...
CS Go so D

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__bale posted...
Dark_Jinouga posted...
it basicly says only ceartain gamemodes, only certain maps, and rocket launchers and grenade launchers, as well as other stuff, are banned.

I find it totally stupid, MLG players cry about unfair **** like getting an RPG in the face in SnD, so they ban it. They make a game, and remove half of it for competetive play, WTF? seams like a fail to me. also ever BO" map is the same, 3 main ways and 1 that connects/interacts with these ways.

hint: when you can so easily dismiss the other side in a debate, you're probably grossly misunderstanding what the other side is doing.

Oh wow this wins so hard.
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Competitively I really like halo 4's balance, its easy in the game to recognize when someone is simply better or worse.
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#39wombat013Posted 4/22/2013 6:09:37 PM
Halo 4 is NOT the best competitive multiplayer game on 360 right now.

I prefer Battlefield 3
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L337_Muffen posted...
ThunderCavalier posted...

Blops 2 is actually a bit more fun than Halo 4 for me... and I'm a diehard Halo fanatic.

Take your fun out of here. This is about COMPETITIVE GAMES!

Oh, I see.


I believe servers for Halo 3 are still up, so my answer still stands.
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