shouldn't H4 online population be higher ?

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so equipment, armor abilities and all previous things mentioned were all the beginning of the end ?

needless to say, there is going to be a halo 5 without a doubt, so what would you:

like to see added ?
like to see taken out ?
like to see improved ?
like to see (any other comment/complain/fix) ?
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I would like to see a minimum competency in mathematics requirement, with the minimum competency set extremely high. Then I could look at the population and tell myself how much better I am than other people.
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*note to others*

last night I did a quick number check on Halo players online and..

there were aprox. 70,000 (seventy thousand) players online, now...i was rounding it up to the next bigger number and been fairly generous with them.
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From: Mystic_Ehrgeiz | #053
n Halo players online and..

there were aprox. 70,000 (seventy thousand) players online

H4 peaked at ~38k
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when did it peaked at that number ? last night there were def more than 38k
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Sorry, I didn't read any of the posts, but I think someone should insert a phallus joke in the topic.
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how so
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halo 4 is terrible. i bought it on release day (no preorder, i got talked into it by a friend) and played for around two months. eventually i just couldnt force myself to put the cd back in my xbox.

its just a bad game. id rather bring back the halo 3 community.
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i just wonder if most people here have either H3 or HR

personally, H3 was given to me by a friend but got into it too late and Reach was more of a "i wish i had gotten into halo before.." idea.

but hey if anyone wants to freshen up things a little bit, lets play some H3