"We hired people who hated Halo"

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User Info: Aurawhisperer

3 years ago#91
Dvolo is the worse troll on this board AND he knows nothing on what he talks about.

Just shut up kid. Seriously, stick with magnums if you think an AR is hard. Dont bother with precision because you probably suck
It's funny how so many immature imbeciles on here try hard hating me. You think I care, yet I don't.
Try harder kid. You amuse me :)

User Info: _ANG3LIC_

3 years ago#92
The article didn't even surprise me. Sad enough.
Most loved poster at the HRGB

User Info: thethirdthought

3 years ago#93
Halo 4 is what happens when you appeal to conformity. Well, i hope you guys are enjoying this game(if you guys ever enjoyed it at all) since i sold my copy and used it to buy a copy of black version and black 2 version.

User Info: Killean_Nuggets

3 years ago#94
From: Aurawhisperer | #091
you probably suck

Irony at its finest.
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