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User Info: MightyDiesch

3 years ago#1
hey guys
I would like to know if you could give me any advice on how to get a 50 in action sack.
I want to get my first 50 in a fun mode like this :)

However I have some trouble getting it. I pretty much lose every game because of all the terrible teammates I get going all between -10 to -20 while I go consistently over +20 in all the gametypes (from binary slayer to lightning ctf).

I don't really understand how the csr system works. What I heard of individual playlists, like action sack, is that the person who ranks up is the one who has the most points of the 8 in the lobby. I am consistently the first or the second. My csr in action sack went down from 42 to 37.

NOTE: I know I am not the best player. I consider myself a good average. Therefore simply calling me bad isn't going to solve anything
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User Info: supermoc10

3 years ago#2
Action Sack has individual rating, meaning that the outcome of the match doesn't matter. If you go +20 like you say then you'll be a 50 in no time.
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User Info: __bale

3 years ago#3
also, your CSR updates a game late. so say you're a 40, and you go +10. then you play another game, and you go -20. you'll see yourself rank up toa 42 from that +10. and then the next game you go +47, you'll drop down to a 37 because of that neg 20 from a game ago.
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User Info: MightyDiesch

3 years ago#4
ok thank you
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User Info: WARRlOR

3 years ago#5
Lmao get good kid
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