Halo bulletin: 5.1.13

#1COG_KillaPosted 5/2/2013 9:57:39 PM

New bulletin is here. Not a whole lot, but a few highlights include:

No new changes to the weapons themselves, but WE GOT A DATE: June 3rd.
Pro player Walshy likes the weapon tuning, including the AR? And says LR and BR are better than DMR on paper.
There have been some map changes to some playlists, including adding simplex to rumble pit, removal of shutout from rumblepit, an updated simplex on throwdown, and improved spawns on shutout snipes.

That's the important stuff. 343 will be streaming video of the new weapon changes at an undetermined date on http://www.twitch.tv/343industries. If you're a casual player, be sure to check out the updates to grifball and action sack, as well as the map changes in the other playlists.
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