lol halo 4 comunity...

#1hellzyaaahhhhhhPosted 5/6/2013 12:17:50 AM
im playing a game of CTF

and well it was at 50 a few days ago but i lost it due to bad games
with quitting teams (whats up with that?talk about system error more on that at end tho)

anther bad team that was playing defense then all decide to go on att so the other team scores...

but there was a kid in tunnel camping shotgun he voice messaged me (sounded like some old weirdo...)

he goes " ha ha poor noob you mad cuz i can hold the tunnelz better then you"

i found this priceless... due to the fact most of the time he had 2 members of his team rushing on that side (basically protecting him) he had like 7kills all game to my 24 (i wasn't doing that well as my team was getting in way or just standing there waiting me try fight off 4 people at once) so anyway he acted all big and bad just because his team won (they did most the work and also ended up protecting him 85% time)

on to CTF team issue: so team doesn't like map they 3 people quit 2 vs 5
then 1 of there 5 drop out of the game... and end up rejoining... there team
rest of the game no new members... even tho there like 2200 people playing CTF

no grammar tolling / pointless trolling ect
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"People die when they are killed."
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From: hellzyaaahhhhhh | #001
nd well it was at 50 a few days ago

No it wasn't.
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hellzyaaahhhhhh posted...
no pointless trolling ect

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Wayyy tl

You'll...never see me coming.