Maybe switching back from blops 2

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3 years ago#1
Just put in H4 bout 30 minutes ago and I'm not TOO rusty so maybe I'll start playing it again. Did they ever actually implement ranking of any sort? It doesn't seem like it and I was pretty sure they were supposedly introducing it starting last month...
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3 years ago#2
there's a ranking you can only see on websites such a waypoint and halotracker. there's also some weapons tweaking taking place in june.
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3 years ago#3
They have CSR now that is not viewable in game. You can see it real fast on

You have a value for each playlist, most are based on individual performance while some are based on team performance.
3 years ago#4
I see...

I'm sure they're invisible for a good reason, not just casual appeal...

Thanks guys!
GT: A Trombonist
3 years ago#5
Before you go, do you happen to know A Percussionist?
3 years ago#6
We've run into each other on the blops board... Coincidence tho...
GT: A Trombonist
3 years ago#7
Went 38 - 9 on Big Team and my team lost...

GT: A Trombonist
3 years ago#8
That is ok because your CSR will go up anyway! That is the beauty of playlists with individual skill trackers. You can lose but still win. The system is flawless.
3 years ago#9
Yeah... I just can't believe I got 555 of the 1000 we needed and we still lost...


It's good to be back Halo.
GT: A Trombonist
3 years ago#10
u and rimshot should play dubs

best gamertags ever
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