Ok I'm bored of this game now

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3 years ago#21
Did them to!!! Dude my gamer score is 150thousand!! Legit to!! I've played em all!!!!!
I'm embarrassed to say I'm a titans fan so ill just say " go heat"
3 years ago#22
If that is the case then I am inclined to agree with the other guys and suggest purchasing a gym membership. I am not saying you are fat, but I am almost certain you are not physically fit. It would be quite a constructive use of your time. Imagine, you could tell the chicks you have pecks and a six pack AND a gamers score over 150,000.

Learn to play Guitar while you are at it. Clearly someone dedicated as you could master these things with ease.
3 years ago#23
I doubt you've played all of those until you present your gamertag.

If its true, ill laugh at you. If its false, ill laugh at you for feeling the need to lie about your XBL E-Peen
Today is the first day of what's left of your life.
3 years ago#24
Well for your info. I'm 180 pounds and yes sundevil it is tru!! Not much to do out here in Wisconsin !! Long winters etc. but I' game the hell out my Xbox !!! You name it ive played it!!! Or finished it and then some !!!
I'm embarrassed to say I'm a titans fan so ill just say " go heat"
3 years ago#25
My gamerscore is 25000
~ ssj3blade ~
3 years ago#26
Mine isn't even 9k.
I bet you're one of those people who ruin my mainslaying by going -15 so stop saying that other people ruin gaming.-im r awful gt:i derive dx
3 years ago#27
ssj3blade posted...
Still not sure how anyone can honestly enjoy NV... I mean it's obvious that FO3 was superior but NV was such trash to me.

I loved both games. Just that in Fallout 3 you seemed more alone.
gt: KSI tomashart25. you all wanna get high, on life?
3 years ago#28
I don't like enough games to have even a moderately high gamerscore. I am very picky on what I like to play. Halo (which isn't often), Fallout (Which I play on and off), Mortal Kombat (Only when I have my buds over), and Burnout Paradise (which I haven't owned a copy of in 3+ years). I should really look into getting a new one, I haven't gotten the special license or car or whatever you get from 100% the game.
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