maps worth it?

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3 years ago#1
hear the don't show up too often? Is this the case or is it worth shelling out for he maps?
3 years ago#2
the Majestic map pack is the only one worth shelling out money for. The maps are in the most playlist, so they appear the most often, and they're considered to be the best map pack out of the three by a long shot. As always though, you'll come across the maps much more frequently by playing with a full party of Majestic map pack owners.

Crimson: 2 maps suck, 1 is okay
Majestic: all 3 are great
Castle: 1 good, 1 great, 1 awful map

Majestic is the way to go!
3 years ago#3
Don't bother getting the Crimson map pack.
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3 years ago#4
Majestic is majestic
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