Looks like my Halo career is ending with Halo 4.

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I've got similar feels as the OP. I agree that buying/not buying something is sometimes the strongest kind of voice you can give, and I disagree with M$'s philosophy to nickel and dime the crap out of everything. Halo just isn't doing it for me anymore, without Bungie at the helm is like having new Harry Potter or LOTR books being made without JK Rowling or Tolkein writing them. (I also moved to Seattle last year and went to the H4 launch party and met a bunch of 343 people first hand, and honestly its a bunch of good-looking rich no-talent hacks with MBAs that don't even really care about the series and are just in it for the $$, so I'm beyond wanting to support 343 either.)

I'd rather support Halo by supporting the people who came up with this great franchise, and I can do that on the PS4.
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nismojoe posted...
I stopped reading at career

Haven't seen this name since gears of war 1....where the hell did you go?
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this topic could be funny
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shutup rage :(((()()()(()
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Faliz18 posted...
I still prefer a s***ty console over one with nothing but lame JRPGs.

Last I checked, Titanfall, Battlefront 3, Battlefield 4, Quantum Break, etc. weren't lame JRPGs.
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I love my 360, honestly I think it's the best out of this gen. However, PS4 seems to be the best choice for the next gen. Xbox has too much emphasis on TV and other non-gaming related things. Let's not forget that sharing games is most likely going to be a nightmare for the Xbone.

These two videos (which you all may or may not have seen) really make me choose the Ps4


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lderivedx posted...
KH1 was GOAT

once again, derive proving he's the smartest poster on this board.
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lord_wazoo posted...
lderivedx posted...
KH1 was GOAT

once again, derive proving he's the smartest poster on this board.
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Good riddance, halo doesn't need you.
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DvoloS88 posted...
Good riddance, halo doesn't need you.

u mad bro
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